Research your ancestry

Research your ancestry 


If researching your family tree is something you would like to pursue then look no further than online. These days there are lots of Genealogy resources available online that you don’t have to pay for. Okay, some of the sites will have upgrade packages to give you access to vast amounts of more information but we have found just using the free or trial version will give you an excellent idea of where your family are from and why you ended up where you are.


Probably the most detailed resource we have come across is Mocavo, which also recently joined forces with findmypast Yes, there is a paid subscription version but we stuck with the free access section of the site. There are thousands of documents and databases available to your here, with some transcripts only available to the fee paying members. A lot of these documents date back hundreds of years.


The second place I would recommend to research your family history is oddly enough, the Mormons, or the Church of Jesus Christ and  latter day saints. For whatever reasons they have the worlds largest database of information and research sites. You may even find research centres in your area where staff can advise and help you find the data you are looking for.


Finally, another great site to use is rootsweb. Again, there is a huge amount of data and research here but this site also allows you to communicate with other people tracing their history. You can swap ideas and help each other finish the puzzle.


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