Products I Will not Buy

Hello beauties, welcome back to my beauty and personal care blog. I regularly make posts on here telling you about beauty products that I love and think that you should all try. I will post about the great purchases I just made, or even if someone sends me a sample I love it will get mentioned here. But rarely if ever have I mentioned things that I don’t like; those products that worked the opposite of how they were supposed to. Here are some of the products that I walk right past no matter how much on sale they are.


I have just grown so tired of this trend. It was fun for a while, when everything was rainbow coloured and unicorns were on all of the packaging. Now it has just gotten so...boring. It’s the same thing that is happening with all the mermaid themed products in stores now, they are saturating the market.

MAC Fix+ Juicy Fruity

So first off let's get this out of the way, I love MAC’s Fruity Juicy collection when being viewed as a whole. With the MAC Fix+ however I think I just need to skip it, as I don’t think adding any scents even coconut will make me use my original bottle more. This is one of those products that is just not for me and you know what? That is okay.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzers

One of my absolute favorite beauty brands is Hourglass, and that is the first problem. I have barely tried any other powders or brushes even. So for that reason I will not be trying the latest Hourglass bronzers, I need to give the rest of the industry a chance to win me over first.

MAC Beauty Products