Hello everyone, and welcome back to my beauty and personal care blog. Today I want to talk to about something serious, something that is plaguing our generation and needs to stop, now. I am talking about the man bun, a hairstyle worn by men of the lowest common denominator, the hipster. The hairstyle is achieved by having a ponytail/bundle that is is placed quite high in the back center of the head of a man. This may be a traditional haircut for some Asian cultures, but not from that really interesting guy from Pasadena. 

Patient Zero

The first instance of a man bun in the 2000’s was by none other than the tax evading scoundrel of an actor, I mean football player David Beckham. He managed to get throught the ordeal relatively unscated, as the first mention of the word ‘Manbun’ online was not for another 7 years when it was added to Urban Dictionary. 

Spread of the Disease

Two years later, the New York Times (the same newspaper whose crossword editor has the world's only degree in puzzles. Look it up.) published an article noting that man buns had started to appear in certain Brooklynn neighbourhoods. This lead to two instagram groups being created about the enjoyment of seeing men in man buns, as well as a second Urban Dictionary post this time questioning whether or not the man bun was sexy. What followed was an array of instagram groups, a Youtube prank video of someone cutting of a man bun and even a BuzzFeed article. 

What will happen next?

So, all of use smart people know this. Man buns must be stopped, but how? We must act together, and convince others to drop their hair. The world is better without man buns, and people will realize it again. When anyone talks about David Beckham and his tax fraud, remind them that he started the man bun trend. Someone should tell the taxman, he would be sure to have to pay even more back.

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