Hair Removal

Hair Removal


Hi all, hopefully you’ve previously read our latest beauty blog post about shaving for men, and electric razors and I thought today we would look at the many hair removal techniques there are for women.

Now, I can tell you that hair removal is one of my top 10 reasons I wouldn’t recommend being a lady, alongside periods and childbirth.  And until I marry rich, win the lottery or save up enough money to get my hair laser removed, I, like many, many other women am on a mission to find the best method of hair removal.

There are so many things to take into consideration when choosing the best hair removal method for you, including cost, the pain factor and time.  And even when you’ve chosen the best method for yourself there's so many options for each type of hair removal.  

Epilation has been around for many years.  The first epilator was designed and created in 1985 by an Isreali company, Mepro, The Epilady.  They then came back into fashion around 5-6 years ago and seem to be here to stay.  

I currently use the Braun Silk-Epil 5 which I bought from a great website where you can get cheap second-hand goods online, and it’s a fairly basic entry level epilator.  It uses the tweezering method to remove the hairs, trapping the hairs between 2 pieces of metal and pulling as it spins around.  The Braun Silk Epil 5 has 2 settings, slow and fast, a small flashlight, so you can see where you might have missed hairs, and a few different heads, including a trimmer so you can trim hairs down before epilating – which if you’ve waited a little too long in between each session can make the process more painful but trimming the hairs down minimises the pain.  

gte it off hair removal


Getting ready to use an epilator for the first time is terrifying.  Everything you read is about how painful it is, there’s numbing spray you can use, and advice from advocators of the epilator who either say you should or should not consume alcohol before hand, or you should or should not take an aspirin, paracetemol or ibuprofen prior to starting.  You turn your epilator on and it sounds like a mini lawn mower, high pitched and terrifying.  However, I’m here to tell you it won’t always be so bad! The first time hurts like hell, but it does get better.

The first time (second time around, more on that below) I tried epilating I was in agony.  I used the numbing spray – which doesn’t do anything btw, and drank a shot of gin.  If, like me, your hairs are thicker and stronger from continual shaving and thus it takes about double the amount of time it will take later on when you’re more used to epilating.  Like me you might also consider giving up, I first tried back in 2013, epilated once and hid my epilator under my bed until it was time to move out.  It took me 2 years to get back to it but boy am I glad I have done.  I waited a week after epilating, and had minimal regrowth which meant that it took half the amount of time, and about a quarter the amount of pain.  It does mean that regrowth can happen within half a week, hair grows in cycles so you only epilate the hair that grows back each time which makes the process quicker and easier.    

Hair removal and beauty

The advantages of using an epilator are that they are really affordable, they start from as low as $20 and top models only cost around $100 which considering they last 2-3 years is amazing!  Another great advantage is that once you’ve been using the epilating makes hair grow thinner and slower, so over time you will be able to epilate every 2-3 weeks, some people can even wait a month between epilating!  And whereas with waxing you have to wait for the hair to reach a certain length (a quarter of an inch /half a centimeter) with epilating you can epilate pretty much as soon as you feel your skin is no longer as smooth as you would like or you can feel hairs.

Hair removal and beauty

The biggest disadvantage to epilating is the ingrown hairs.  Although not solely a consequence of epilating, it can cause more ingrown hairs than when shaving or waxing.  (Top tip to prevent ingrown hairs: exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!) Another big disadvantage is the pain; the first few sessions or months will be painful, particularly for someone going from shaving rather than waxing, and also the length of time it takes to begin with.  The first few sessions will take a lot longer, primarily because you have more hair and the fear of the pain.

I found this website great to get tips on how to epilate