Dos and Donts with storing perfume

Do’s and Don’t with storing perfume


Hi beautiful people. Welcome back to my personal space on the internet full of great bits and pieces and beauty and personal care. I recently went online and bought some beautiful vintage glass perfume bottles to transfer some of my perfumes into.  I found some great bargains online at and I even managed to find some absolute stunning ones complete with an atomizer and the original funnel and pipette to fill them up with.  They can completely transform an area, and look so much nicer on a desk than most modern perfume bottles.  One of the only problems can be memorising which perfume you have placed in which bottle so I like to attach a small coloured circular sticker onto the bottom of the vintage glass perfume bottle as well as the original bottle so that If I need to I can cross reference them.  I then store the glass perfume bottle on my desk, and keep the original perfume container in the bottom drawer of my makeup drawer unit.  This way I can easily top them up whenever I need to, but they’re also safely stored away.  



Perfume is full of essential oils, fragrance oils and alcohols which makes it incredibly delicate.   These oils and alcohols can easily break down which causes the scent to change over time and can eventually cause it to disappear.  A good perfume is not cheap, and because of this it can be better to buy larger bottles of perfume as they work out cheaper in the long run.  However unless stored properly the perfume can smell completely different after storing for a period of time, and can mean that you have to buy new perfume continuously.  


Here’s how to keep Perfume from turning, and making sure that it lasts for at least 1 to 2 years before it starts degrading.


Keep bottles away from direct light.


All forms of light will cause perfume to eventually degrade, with sunlight being the most potent.  If the packaging on the bottle is darker then it will take longer to degrade however it generally isn’t worth the risk.  Keeping them in a dark drawer can help to prolong the degrading process and will keep the perfume better for longer.  


Keep bottles away from heat.


Similarly like light, heat will cause the essential oils, alcohol and fragrance oils to break down.  Not only will it break down the chemical bonds in a perfume, but if you have any plastic bottles it can warp or melt the bottle which will also affect the smell.  And even if it isn’t a very hot heat it can still affect the quality and smell of a perfume if it is kept there for a long period of time.  It is vital therefore that you keep perfumes and colognes away from any radiators, heat vents or any other source of heat.


Opening and closing bottles.


Continuously opening and closing perfume bottles will affect the perfume.  This is because when you open the perfume botte you will be changing the humidity and temperature of the bottle as well as letting air in.  This is another reason why using a separate perfume bottle to display allows you to use the perfume with minimal disruption to the bottle.


Don’t use applicators or rolling balls.


Applicators and rolling balls introduce small amounts of skin into the bottle, as well as anything on your skin such as oils and dirt.  If you much prefer using an applicator it is better to have a few different applicators which you can swap in and out and wash in between each use.  This will keep the original perfume as free as possible from contaminants as well as keeping the precision of using the applicator.


Don’t shake the bottle.


Although you may have heard that shaking the perfume bottle helps to mix the oils through it is actually a myth.  Unless stated by the manufacturer you should never shake the bottle as it allows the perfume to mix with the air in the bottle, speeding up the process of it breaking down.  It can also break the bottle if it is made of delicate glass, like my favourite perfume Chanel No 5.



Travel sized bottles


If you like to continuously top up your perfume throughout the day then it is worthwhile either buying a travel friendly sized bottle which you can carry with you, or buying an empty bottle or clean sample atomizer.  This will allow you to carry the perfume with you safely without contaminating the whole bottle.



Following my advice above and caring for your perfume properly means that it will last for years and retain its original scent.  However over the years all perfume will expire so it’s best to use your perfume up and make the most out of each bottle.


In other news, I’m still using my epilator, and can tell you that it really does get less painful the more you use it, so if you haven’t tried one yet what are you waiting for??